Direct voting from nominee websites planned for 2015

Alpha testing under way for radical enhancement to the #bta15 voting process

Posted 24.02.15: Lorraine Barnes Burton

Our technical resource partners at the Image Refinery are currently working on a major development to the voting program. When consumer voting opens 06 July, the customers of nominee companies will be able to vote directly from their websites.


Gone will be the requirement for voters to enter their full postal address. Gone will be the necessity to navigate to the correct categories on the British Travel Awards main voting form. This will make the voting process far less time consuming and encourage even more people to vote for nominee companies.

How it will work

1.    Companies who register for category listing on the consumer voting form will be supplied with the BTA marketing tools which include the “Vote For Us” button and a unique URL to open their pop-up window.


2.    The pop-up will display the fields required to be completed by the voter:


First name
Last Name
House number/name
Email address


The category name field(s) will be populated with the category(s) in which the nominee company has registered to be listed (which are imported from the main voting database).


3.    After confirming they are not a robot, the voter has two options:


Submit votes - their data is exported to the BTA main voting DBMS secure server and a unique record reference is assigned to their entry.


Vote in additional categories -  as "submit votes", then the BTA website will open in a separate browser tab. The voter is taken to the log-in section of the main voting form registration page, where their pop-up responses are auto-filled in the appropriate fields. From there the voter can cast their votes in additional categories and go on to complete the TravelVision 2016 survey.


4.    Once the voter has submitted their votes, they can revisit the BTA website and log-in to their voting form by using their email address and postcode. They can then update and/or add to their category votes at any time during the voting period.


5.    Only one vote can be recorded in each category. Should the voter change their choice in a category in which they have already voted, the last submitted entry will be the one that is recorded on the voting database.


6.    Checks and balances - when a voter submits their votes the date, time and IP address from which their entry originated are recorded in the individuals DBMS record. This information, together with the details entered on their registration form, is used in the scrutiny procedures undertaken by Deloitte to investigate any incidents of block or suspicious voting patterns.


This is an introduction to the basic framework for direct voting from nominee websites. If you are not already a member of our LinkedIn group, join today for progress reports and to add your comments.

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