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I have seen the British Travel Awards vote button on the website of the company I wish to vote for. Why can’t I just click the button and my vote is automatically registered?

What makes winning a British Travel Award such a prestigious achievement for the company you wish to vote for is down to one thing - accountability. To assure their integrity, every element of the awards programme is independently verified by Deloitte. Part of this scrutiny requires you to register certain personal details so they can identify any possible voting manipulation e.g. block votes, “Micky Mouse”, spurious entries etc. We also need this information to let you know if you’re a prize draw winner.


The awards cover an extensive range of leisure travel products and services. It is quite possible that the company you wish to vote for is listed in more than one category. As we request that you only vote in categories based upon personal experience, it is necessary for you to browse the categories before casting your votes.


I want to vote for a small company but see in the listings that they are competing against major, well known brands. Will my vote be wasted?

DEFINITELY NOT, in over half the award categories  the competing companies are segregated into groups based upon size when the votes are counted. Winners are recognised in each of these size groups.Click here for an explanation of how we arrive at the results.


I do not live in the United Kingdom, can I still vote in the British Travel Awards?

YES. This year we have lifted the UK residency restriction. If you do not have a UK postcode uncheck the "I am a UK resident" box. The postcode field will change to Country, when you start typing your country of residence a drop down box will list the county names based upon what you have started typing, scroll down and select from the list.


How can I vote for a company that is not listed on the voting form?

Each award category includes an “alternative answer” box. Type in the name of the company you wish to vote for and they will be included in the voting results


Once I have submitted my registration details how will that information be used?

The British Travel Awards uses the information collected for the following purposes:

  1. Record and authenticate your votes
  2. Register your prize draw entry (where applicable)
  3. Improve our service
  4. Conduct research and provide anonymous reporting, such as statistical analysis of results and survey data.


  1. Contact you by email should you win a draw prize
  2. Inform you by email of the results of the current year’s awards
  3. Invite you by email to vote in the following year’s awards once they commence

Your individual information will not be shared or passed on to any third parties (with the exclusion of Deloitte who use the information solely for validating the voting results) unless you tick the opt-in button(s) on the registration form.


Should you consent to sharing your information by ticking the opt-in button(s) on the registration form, our sponsors or partners or other third parties may also contact you by mail or e-mail to let you know about any goods, services or promotions, which may be of interest to you.


Click here to read our full privacy policy statement.


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