#voteBTA17 Leaderboard

Following requests from a number of nominees for a means to monitor their lobbying activity we are publishing two leaderboards during the voting cycle.

These leaderboards will be available from:


31-JUL: Week 4 (voting up to midnight 30-Jul)

29-AUG: Week 8 (voting up to midnight 27-Aug)


No further information will be available until the results are announced at the gala awards night on 29 November 2017.


The counts shown in these tables are taken directly from the database - before any voting integrity checks have been actioned and the results independently verified by Deloitte. The award designations will be published on our main website and the final count details posted here from 30 November 2017.

Alternative Answers - aka The Lost Deposits

Our electoral parlance for companies receiving less than 5% of the category votes. No money changed hands in the preparation of these lists!

In the pursuance of fair play, every category on the voting form has an alternative answer box giving voters the opportunity to enter the name of a company that isn’t nominated. These fields return a cornucopia of responses that only the most obsessive-compulsive analyst would take the time to rationalise. No enterprise has ever won an award solely on the number of alternative answer votes cast. But, this year our Kev is undertaking an exercise in the futile to investigate the bête noire of the British Travel Awards that is alternative answers.

No enterprise has ever won an award
solely on the number of alternative answer
votes cast

First you take out the responses from people who thought it necessary to type “not applicable”, “no idea” or variations on that theme rather than just leave the field blank. Then you take out responses where people thought of it as an opportunity to write a review - unwittingly losing their vote for the company they infused about as alternative answers overwrite listed companies. Then you take out the entries where people have methodically copied and pasted the same name into just about every award category, irrespective of whether the company operates in that sector.

Once we have pared down the list, the next task is to apply uniform character strings and assign them to variations in spelling and naming conventions entered by the voters.


Is it a tour operator, is it a travel agent, is it a booking website, is it aggregator/travel deals website? The public apparently have their own views, so in the alternative answer lists we will be publishing verbatim their responses. Where nominated companies in a category are entered as alternative answers the votes will be transferred to their total votes. The alternative answer lists also include nominated companies who did not elect to be listed in the specific category.


Once again we expect an overwhelming number of alternative answers for companies receiving just one or two votes. These usually originate from stakeholders who appear to have overlooked the concept of the awards - asking their customers to vote as well! But, as they have taken the trouble to vote we considered it only fair to include them in the list.

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