Leaderboard Notes

The counts shown in these tables are taken directly from the database and include multiple votes from single IP addresses.


IP/Voter registrations (more than 50):


A further 182 IP's have been flagged with 10-50 voter registrations. When voting closes these and other suspected voting anomolies will be subject to review as detailed on the Checks & Balances page of the main website.

Week 8 Leaderboard

We're finally there, the last month of voting in the 10th annual British Travel Awards is about to commence.

The previous eight weeks have seen some impressive lobbying activity by nominees... and a few who appear to be waiting for the votes to come to them!


All is not lost for the backmarkers - based on previous years - over 100,000 more people will vote by 30th September. All you have to do is contact your customers and ask for their votes. Using social media is one approach but the most positive response will come from an appeal by email with a link to your direct voting form.

Over 100,000 more people will vote by 30th September

Promotion by our media partners; Trinity Mirror and Made Television has also contributed towards yet another year-on-year growth in consumer participation. The British Travel Awards is the largest and most influential poll of public opinion on the performance of enterprises involved in the leisure travel and tourism industry.

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