British Travel Awards 2019 - Categories Preview

With the holiday market dominated by a few highly visible brands we operate a size grading system across a number of award categories. This enables smaller companies/brands the opportunity to be recognised and rewarded by their customers.


  • When a company applies for listing in a size graded category they are required to disclose the overall number of passengers/guests, retail outlets, bookings or turnover as defined by the category.
  • This should be the overall figure for the company/brand and NOT related to the individual award category(s) entered.
  • Companies who fail to disclose this figure at the time of registration will be sent a reminder with their direct voting app url email. If this information is not forthcoming the company/brand will be considered "large" or determined by the British Travel Awards.
  • This number will be published next to the nominee in each of their elected categories on this website until 14th June 2019.
  • Companies can appeal the published figures of competing companies up to 14th June 2019.
  • Any appeal must be accompanied by independent evidence supporting the appeal that can be verified by the British Travel Awards and/or Deloitte.
  • Any appeals received after 14th June 2019 will not be considered.

Size graded awards - Package Holidays & Tours

Tour operators will be referenced as holiday companies on the consumer voting form award category listings.

Tour operators offering land based arrangements

  • Large - More than 80,000 pax per year
  • Medium - 10,000 to 80,000 pax per year
  • Small - Less than 10,000 pax per year

Size graded awards - Holiday Planning & Booking Sources

Best Independent Travel Agency

  • Large - 50 to 100 retail outlets (companies/brands with more than 100 shops shoud enter Best National Travel Agency)
  • Medium - 10 to 49 retail outlets
  • Small - Less than 10 retail outlets

Size graded awards - Airlines & Travel Services

Best UK Airport

  • Large - More than 10m pax per year
  • Medium - 3m to 10m pax per year
  • Small - Less than 3m pax per year
A66 - Best UK Airport  
Company/Brand CAA Whtng Votes Score Size Result
London Heathrow 78.012m 100.00 15,000 15,000 L Bronze
London Gatwick 45.556m 171.24 15,000 25,686 L Silver
Manchester 27.826m 280.36 15,000 42,054 L Win
Glasgow 9.897m 100.00 10,000 10,000 M Bronze
Bristol 8.239m 120.13 10,000 12,013 M Silver
Belfast International 5.836m 169.58 10,000 16,958 M Win
Belfast City 2.559m 100.00 5,000 5,000 S Bronze
Southampton 2.069m 123.67 5,000 6,183 S Silver
Doncaster Sheffield 1.335m 191.67 5,000 9,583 S Win

Size graded awards - Accommodation

Best Villa Holiday Company and
Best UK Cottage Holiday Company

  • Large - More than £40m sales in the last 12 months accounting period
  • Medium - £15m to £40m sales in the last 12 months accounting period
  • Small - Less than £15m sales in the last 12 months accounting period

Best Chalet/Winter Sports Accommodation Provider

  • Large - More than 25,000 guests per year
  • Medium - 2,500 to 25,000 guests per year
  • Small - Less than 2,500 guests per year


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