2020 Holiday Add-ons & Travel Services

A70 - Best Foreign Exchange / Travel Money Retailer

Foreign exchange specialists and companies who provide ForEx as part of their service e.g. banks, financial services, travel agencies, supermarkets and high street retailers. NOT OPEN to price comparison sites; these companies should enter “Best Travel Deals Provider”.

A71 - Best Travel Insurance Provider

Travel insurance specialists and companies who provide travel insurance as part of their service e.g. travel agents, tour operators, banks and supermarkets.

A72 - Best Attraction / Excursion Tickets Provider

Companies offering a range of attraction tickets, excursions and/or tours for purchase prior to departure.

A73 - Best Holiday Transfer Provider

Companies offering car, coach or rail transfers to/from UK departure points and/or organise transfers to/from arrival points to final destination.

A74 - Best Car Hire Provider

Car hire companies with UK reservation facilities and booking websites that provide car hire options from a range of rental companies.

A75 - Best Airport Parking Provider

UK airport parking and companies or websites that provide airport parking options from a range of providers.

A76 - Best UK Airport

International and regional airports located in the UK.

Size graded award

  • Large - More than 10m pax per year
  • Medium - 3m to 10m pax per year
  • Small - Fewer than 3m pax per year

A77 - Best UK Airport Retailer - General Merchandise

A78 - Best UK Airport Retailer - Food & Beverages

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