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Travel Agencies - Definition

A travel agency provides advice and booking facilities for tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as tour operators, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels and railways.


Entry Criteria


Where relevant, customer protection must be provided in the event of company failure via a recognised bonding or insurance scheme.




The “Best National Travel Agency” and “Best High Street Travel Agency” award categories are exclusively for travel agencies whose primary business is the provision of services via retail outlets and/or homeworkers. Online/call centre Travel Retailers who offer face-to-face consultations as a complementary service from their operation's address SHOULD NOT enter these categories.

A38 - Best Travel Deals Finder

Referral and transactional websites promoting a range of travel products,  add-on services and offers from various supplier.

A39 - Best Travel Review/ Ratings Website

Website providing travel reviews and/or customer feedback - non transactional.

A40 - Best Consumer Travel Magazine

Printed consumer travel publications available from news-stands or delivered to a subscribed readership (with or without companion websites).

A41 - Best National Travel Retailer

Travel agencies and homeworker groups with a nationwide network of retail outlets or personal travel consultants.

A42 - Best High Street Travel Agency

Size graded by number of physical retail outlets. Open to independent agencies  NOT vertically integrated brands or companies whose main activity is online/call centre sales with a “walk-in” service at their operations centre.

Size graded award:

  • Large - More than 50 retail outlets
  • Medium - 5 to 50 retail outlets
  • Small - Fewer than 5 retail outlets

A43 - Best Online Travel Retailer

Online retailers offering holiday and travel products from various suppliers (can be in addition to physical retail agency).

A44 - Best Cruise Holiday Retailer

Specialist retailers offering cruise holidays from a variety of cruise lines.

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