The Hotel Awards and which categories apply to your properties

With no unifying or uniform rating system adopted for grading hotels, consumers are often confused, sometimes surprised and sometimes disappointed as guests staying at different hotels with the same star rating. To address this the British Travel Awards position hotels based upon market class, a system developed by respected hospitality analysts STR.

A potted explanation of how the Market Class system works

Census data from hotel brands detail average published room rates across various room sizes at different times of the year. If participating hotels do not submit this information, their published rates are used to estimate their average daily rate. Average daily rate is calculated by dividing room revenue by the number of rooms sold.


Market Class is a categorisation of chain-affiliated and independent hotels based upon their average daily rate, compared to that of chain hotels in their geographic proximity. This can be a city, group of postcodes, region or country with at least 30 participating hotels.


There are six recognised market class groups:

  • Luxury
  • Upper Upscale
  • Upscale
  • Upper Midscale
  • Midscale
  • Economy

For the British Travel Awards we use the collapsed market class model by combining groups:


Best Luxury Hotel Brand: Luxury and Upper Upscale

Best Upscale Hotel Brand: Upscale

Best Midscale Plus Hotel Brand: Upper Midscale

Best Midscale / Economy Hotel Brand: Midscale and Economy


1,074 hotel chains participated in the census and after further metrics were applied they were segregated by market class. These brands can be viewed by clicking the above award categories. If your hotel(s) or brand is not featured, find a listed chain, with comparable published room rates in your area, to identify which award category to enter.

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