6 April 2020

BTA20 Awards Cycle Adjusted to Reflect Extraordinary Trading Environment

With people’s holiday arrangements on hold for the foreseeable future and travel companies dauntlessly mitigating for the immediate impact, our resolve is to proceed with the 2020 British Travel Awards.

Despite the turmoil in leisure travel, we believe it is more important than ever for the public to have the opportunity to reward those companies that have risen to the unprecedented challenge.

On this year’s consumer voting form we will be including an open question:

“Best Travel Company for Customer Service". No companies will be listed, responders will be free to enter the name of any enterprise they feel deserving of recognition.

Even in these uncertain times we believe the passion, enthusiasm and acumen of those working in the travel and tourism sector will prevail. And, once the mechanisms have been established to facilitate existing commercial obligations, you will have time to look towards the future with innovative itineraries and products that fulfil the dreams and expectations of your customers.

For this reason we have extended the closing date for nominations to 5 July and we are offering a “Buy 2 - Get 1 free” registration deal. When you register for two categories, you will automatically be offered a complimentary third entry into another category for the same company/brand.

As in previous years the consumer voting cycle will run for 13 weeks but will be delayed until 27 July and close on 25 October. This should allow customers who have taken late summer/autumn breaks to vote based upon their most recent experience. However, given the ongoing uncertainty we shall be asking people to vote based upon this direction:

“Only vote for companies you have used before and - based on that experience - you would re-book or use their service in the future once travel restrictions have been lifted and the world returns to a semblance of normality”.


The results of the 2020 British Travel Awards will be announced on 25 November at our Gala Awards Night to be held (subject to government advise) at Battersea Evolution, London.

Customer Engagement More Important than Ever

Many businesses are caught, unsure how to proceed. The truth is - nobody knows exactly how to respond to the current situation, and companies can be stuck in a maelstrom of indecision - not knowing whether it is time to panic or to cut back and wait out the storm.

Some are closing their doors for the moment and cutting off future business contact. This is a short-sighted response - even if you have had to metaphorically shut up shop temporarily. The wrong message is being sent.

No matter what your market, there has never been a more opportune time to communicate. Whilst everyone is hunkered down, sat waiting in the static, you could be finding ways to give them something to look forward to. Let them know about your plans when the pandemic has abated to help alleviate the cyclical mundanity of isolation and lockdown.

Once you have registered your nomination(s) your online articles and blog pages will be reviewed and feature in our weekly online paper BTA Connect. Along with the other nominee benefits detailed on our main website your content will be available to 400,000+ subscribed 2019 voters.

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