Top Lobbying Tips from the British Travel Awards

Voting in the BTAs opened on 1st July and by now nominated companies should be lobbying hard to get the votes coming in. If you’re new to it all here are some lobbying tips that might help you get ahead of your competitors, especially the complacent ones who think they have it in the bag!

Identify who will vote for you

That’s easy - your happy customers! Employees, friends and family who know you’re a great company can also vote for you and although it’s consumer voting travel industry people, such as travel agents, are also consumers so they can vote too. PLUS we accept voting by consumers from overseas.


Communicate your nomination

Presuming you have a database of customers we’d suggest a schedule of e-blasts, a footer message on every employee email, Facebook and Twitter messages to lobby for votes and of course via your website.

You have been sent a template press release, personalise this and send to your local media to encourage your neighbourhood to get behind you and vote.

You have also been sent a British Travel Awards 2019 Nominee logo - proudly use it!  Plaster it on everything – you have until the Awards announcements on 27th November to display it, then hopefully you will receive the winners’ logo!


Make it easy for your customers to vote for you

You have been sent a set of marketing tools, including a ‘Vote for Us’ button which can be installed on any electronic communication – email, website, social media. When your customer clicks on this it will take them direct to your place on the BTA voting form - we’d love them to go on and vote in other categories and even fill in our TravelVision survey but they don’t have to, it really can be a quick registration and a vote for you.


The BTA prize draw

As a thank you from the British Travel Awards every voter is entered into a free prize draw with the chance to win some fantastic holiday prizes.


You can mention the prizes as an incentive to vote but not as an incentive to vote specifically for you, that would be classified as bribery and will result in immediate disqualification (and be assured your competitors will be watching you and snitch!). You must make it clear that it’s a BTA prize draw and voting for you does not give the chance to win a prize - voters are entered into the draw regardless of who they vote for.


Example you can say

As a thank you for taking the time to vote the British Travel Awards enters everyone into a prize draw with some great holiday prizes up for grabs.

You can’t say (or imply)

Vote for us in the British Travel Awards and be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win some great holiday prizes.


What mustn’t I do?

Miss the deadline - consumer voting ends on 30th September so don’t leave it till the last minute.

Also, you cannot engage in third party voting i.e. voting on behalf of other people. And as previously mentioned you mustn’t imply voters will be entered into the prize draw or could win a prize if they vote for you.



The BTA leaderboard will be published on the 29th July and 26th August, where you can check your position in the category you’re nominated in. After that no further information will be available until the results are announced at the Gala Awards Night on 27th November.


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