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10 days until #voteBTA consumer voting closes

Detailed information on voting status is embargoed until the results are announced at the Gala Awards Night 23rd November 2016.

Posted 21.09.16 by: Kevin Savage

Last Wednesday 14-Sep we reached out via e-newsletter to our subscribed past voters. Their response was fantastic, realising a 70% increase in the number of voters and 151% increase in the number of votes cast when compared to the average weekly returns.


Their input has resulted in a number of positional changes across many award categories since 29-Aug (the last interim leaderboard of the year) was published. This promises to make the Britsh Travel Awards Gala on 23-Nov 2016 an evening of surprises and celebration when the final results are announced. More.....

BTA Chief Inducted into AWTE Honours List

British Travel Awards’ CEO Lorraine Barnes Burton has been inducted into The Association of Women Travel Executives’ (AWTE) prestigious ‘Influential Women in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Honours List’...

AWTE Chair Debbee Dale said women nominated by members to join the AWTE Honours list were women of influence, who have shown strong leadership and were inspirational women who raise the bar in their respective fields within travel and tourism. More.....

Content editors and nominee supporters - consider your wording about the prize draw

We understand your excitement at being a British Travel Awards nominee and the drive to win the travel industry’s most respected award but...

Posted 15.08.16 by: Kevin Savage


Please pay attention to how you phrase your lobbying communications. At the risk of keep banging on, you must not say; “Vote for us for your chance to win a prize” or imply a voter can only win by voting for you.


We are receiving an increasing number of emails and telephone calls from disgruntled members of the public complaining they have received emails or read social media posts - from a small number of companies - that contain the offending copy. With accusations this is tantamount to bribery, we have to address these complaints as a matter of urgency. More.....

#voteBTA16 Top Lobbying Tips

Voting in the BTA opened on 4th July and by now nominated companies should be lobbying hard to get votes coming in. If you're new to it all here are some lobbying tips that might help you get ahead of your competitors... Especially the complacent ones who think they have it in the bag!

Posted 02.08.16 by: Lorraine Barnes Burton


Identify who will vote for you


That's easy - your happy customers! Employees, friends and family who know you're a great company or brand can also vote for you and although it's consumer voting travel industry people, such as travel agents, are also consumers so they can vote too. PLUS - although we are the British Travel Awards - we accept voting by consumers living overseas with experience of your product offering. More.....

British Travel Awards 2016 ceremony to be televised

Posted: 15.07.16 by: Jane Richards


The British Travel Awards has signed a deal with Made Television, operator of a growing number of city TV stations, to be its exclusive media broadcast partner! The agreement will see Made Television film and broadcast the actual Awards night with pre-publicity and voting incentives screened in the lead up to 23rd November.


This deal takes the media exposure we offer companies taking part in the British Travel Awards to a new level. On stage award presentations and interviews with sponsors and winners will be filmed and broadcast to Made Television’s growing city dwelling audience.


In addition pre-awards coverage will encourage consumers to vote, with the incentive of being entered into the famous prize draw, giving even more brand awareness for the companies giving the great travel prizes in the draw.


Last year more than a quarter of a million households participated in the consumer voting stage of the BTA and with the added audience of Made Television viewers we expect significant growth in voter numbers, which is good news for the brands participating in the BTA.


The Awards ceremony will be broadcast in a two hour special programme on the 24th.


Watch online at


If you have Sky you can tune in even outside their city areas

British Travel Awards 2016 Categories and Contenders

Nominations for award category listing on the 2016 consumer voting form are now open.

Posted 15.03.16 by: Lorraine Barnes Burton

Updated 30.05.16 - 23:00


Holiday and travel companies, UK tourism stakeholders and visitor attractions have until 31st May to submit their nominations for award category listing. There are currently 83 categories spanning all kinds of travel experience: package holidays, transport, accommodation, destinations, cruise, holiday add on services, UK visitor attractions and customer service.


There are no requirements for time consuming company profile submissions detailing goals and achievements - we just need to know the name of the brand(s) you wish to nominate and in which categories. The winners are determined by the number of consumer votes they receive. More.....

BTA2015 Results Analysis - Facts & Figures

Please note: This data is password protected. If you are a travel and tourism professional please click this link to join our Linkedin group or email to receive your access password.

As per usual 97% of the total votes cast went to nominated companies and you could count on one hand the categories where the total unfiltered alternative answer votes came to more than the number of votes cast for the lowest nominated company…

Posted 21.03.16 by: Kevin Savage


…  So establishing who’s won what and by how much is a quick and simple exercise. Paradoxically checking how three percent of alternative answers affect each categories vote distribution would represent 97% of the time taken determining the outcome. With no practical reason to pursue such detailed levels of enquiry, only cursory checks of the alternative answers are required. Put it down to an OCD condition but for me, this has always been a case of “unfinished business”. So this year - as an exercise in the pointless - I decided to put the 2015 results under the magnifying glass. More.....

British Travel Awards 2015 winners revealed...

... Comedian and Have I got News for You regular Hal Cruttenden took the stage to make the announcements at a New York themed Gala Dinner, held in London.

Posted 26.11.15 by: Jane Richards


Between July and September 2015 a staggering quarter of a million people cast in excess of one million votes to determine this years winners – making the BTAs the largest consumer voted awards programme across any industry, not just travel.


Dominating the trophy collections this year were Saga Holidays, in the large tour operator category taking sixteen awards and sister company Titan in the medium category, winning an impressive fifteen trophies, out of the total 158 awards. More.....

Last opportunity for nominees to review their positions and plan their promotions for the busiest month of consumer voting

With one full month of voting to go, the last interim voting returns have been posted. This is the final available data until the winners are revealed at the Gala Awards Ceremony 25 November 2015.

Posted 01.09.15 by: Kevin Savage


Consumer participation in this year’s awards has surpassed all expectations. With the busiest month of voting still in front of us #votebta15 has already smashed the total number of voters in 2014. Last year over 46% of voters registered in September. If that trend is repeated in 2015 a staggering 200,000 consumers will have told us who their preferred providers are across a range of holiday types and leisure experiences. More.....

The Feefo British Travel Award for Excellence in Customer Service

We are delighted to confirm that, in conjunction with Feefo - the Global Feedback Engine - we are hosting "The Feefo British Travel Award for Excellence in Customer Service".

Posted 25.08.15 by: Lorraine Barnes Burton


Now in its third year, this award uses genuine customer ratings for the quality of service received, and measurements based upon the engagement of organisations through using the Feefo platform, to identify which companies are truly worthy of this prestigious award.


Previous winner, Joel Brandon-Bravo, UK Managing Director of Travelzoo, said “Being recognised in the BTAs Best Travel Deals category is a testament to our team… . We’re even more thrilled to win the award for Excellence in Customer Service.  We work hard to make sure our subscribers get the very best deals around and this award shows that we truly do deliver.” More.....

Don’t say “Vote for [your company/brand] for chance to win a prize” in the British Travel Awards…

… And don’t associate the British Travel Awards with any independent incentive to solicit votes for individual enterprises.

Posted 16.07.15 by: Lorraine Barnes Burton


It has been brought to our attention that a number of this year’s listed/registered companies in the various British Travel Awards categories are using individual incentives to encourage consumers to vote for them, offering a direct prize reward for specific votes e.g. “Vote for [company/brand] to win [this prize]”.


In keeping with BTA policy, in the spirit of fair play, and in order that neither the BTA or the companies entered into the competition fall foul of the bribery act - all prizes offered to incentivise voters should only be promoted via the centralised BTA Prize Chest on our website.


Importantly, no company is allowed to say “Vote for [company/brand] in the BTAs and you could win a [prize]” – The correct wording and implication must only suggest a general call to action - ie:  “Vote In the British Travel Awards and you could win a prize”. More.....

Comsumer voting opens 6th July but before then...

... the #votebta15 website will be live from 1st July. #bta15nomination companies please curb your enthusiasm!

Posted 29.06.15 by: Kevin Savage


This year just shy of 300 companies and UK attractions have been nominated in the British Travel Awards. Each one has received an email with the necessary information to activate their direct voting pop-up window option.Or put another way, the potential for 300 third party queries concerning the software's O&M.


To address this we shall be releasing the #votebta15 website on 1st July 2015. This will give all participating companies the opportunity to test drive and familiarise themselves with the voting process before we commence our consumer voting promotions. More.....

BTA voters shape prestigious report on consumer travel behaviour

Posted 06.05.15: Jane Richards


Since 2008 consumers voting for their favourite travel companies in the British Travel Awards have been invited to take part in an annual Travel Vision survey, which looks at consumer travel related behaviour.


In 2008 12,716 people completed the survey – last year more than 40,000 did, making the survey the largest study of its kind in the UK.  The survey consisted of 34 questions and was conducted between 1 July 2014 and 30 September 2014, respondents were aged 16+ from a broad socio economic demographic of holidaymakers.


For the first time eminent professional services firm Deloitte LLP have taken the findings of the survey and presented them as the Deloitte Travel Consumer 2015 Report.  An interesting read, amongst the findings Deloitte reports that more than half of consumers (59%) now compare prices online, 42% use review sites and a third of consumers used two or more devices when researching their holidays.


You can read the full report via the link


Travel PR alert BTA15 nominations open

Travel PRs slow to recognise editorial opportunities

Posted: 10.04.15: Jane Richards


PRs looking to build travel clients’ consumer facing profiles with Award wins have until 31 May to nominate their clients for a category on the British Travel Awards 2015 (BTAs) consumer voting form.

Travel PRs have been slow to recognise the editorial opportunities open to their clients within the British Travel Awards’ process. They need to jump in and ensure the nomination is made in the first place and then claim ownership of the project by embracing and leading input for the many promotional activities available.

Editorial opportunities exist through the BTA media partnership with Trinity Mirror Group – national, regional and online and also through the travel trade media partner the online travel industry news service TravelMole. More.....

Who knows, the PR may even get the credit if the client wins the accolade!

Nominations for the British Travel Awards 2015 are now open

Bookmark this page for regular updates on this year's runners and riders

Posted 30.03.15: Kevin Savage

Updated 05-06-15


Nominations for the British Travel Awards 2015 are now open. Tour operators, travel retailers, companies providing leisure travel services and UK tourism stakeholders are invited to apply for awards category listing on this year's consumer voting form.  There are 79 categories covering a comprehensive range of holiday experiences and leisure travel services. Allowing for the size based categories, winner status will be accredited to 153 companies/brands. Visit our main website for detailed information.


The introduction of direct voting - enabling customers to vote for your company in your elected categories, without leaving your website - promises to make 2015 the most hotly contested competition in the history of the British Travel Awards. More.....

BTA Connect-ing your products with our consumer subscribers

From our 12 April issue we shall be exclusively featuring content from companies that have registered for listing on the 2015 voting form alongside our regular media contributors.

Posted 04.03.15: Kevin Savage


BTA Connect is our weekly online magazine. Every Sunday we publish a selection of consumer facing holiday news and stories sourced from across the web. From the 12  April issue we shall be exclusively featuring articles from companies that have registered for listing on the 2015 voting form.


Together with editoral from Daily Mirror travel editor Nigel Thompson and reviews from top travel writers and bloggers, BTA Connect delivers our subscribed readership a concise and insightful weekly round-up of what's happening in the world of leisure travel - with articles and video clips to inspire and assist them when planning their holidays. More.....

Direct voting from nominee websites planned for 2015

Alpha testing under way for radical enhancement to the #bta15 voting process

Posted 24.02.15: Lorraine Barnes Burton

Our technical resource partners at the Image Refinery are currently working on a major development to the voting program. When consumer voting opens 06 July, the customers of nominee companies will be able to vote directly from their websites.


Gone will be the requirement for voters to enter their full postal address. Gone will be the necessity to navigate to the correct categories on the British Travel Awards main voting form. This will make the voting process far less time consuming and encourage even more people to vote for nominee companies. More.....

Proposed British Travel Awards 2015 categories

Applications for listing on the 2015 consumer voting form open 30 March

Posted 10.02.15: Kevin Savage

Updated 30.03.15: Applications for awards category registration now open


But before then, we would like to give leisure travel, hospitality and tourism stakeholders the opportunity to review this year's proposed award categories. Our intention is to present a comprehensive range of categories that consumers can recognise and refer to when planning leisure travel experiences and buying their holidays.


From some registration applications in past awards, there also appears to be a level of ambiguity regarding the qualifying criteria for individual categories. To address this, we have included our definitions in the sector headings and for individual categories where necessary.

Partnership and sponsorship opportunites with the British Travel Awards

Introduce your business to travel industry decision makers and our audience of consumers with a passion for leisure travel.

Posted: 03.02.15: Lorraine Barnes Burton


The British Travel Awards is the largest awards programme in the UK created to reward the best companies in travel. Recognised by consumers and travel professionals alike, the British Travel Awards is the most highly regarded accolade of excellence in travel. With categories spanning all types of holiday experience the British Travel Awards is quite simply the most comprehensive benchmark for excellence when it comes to determining the companies who really are the best in the business.

In 2014 the British Travel Awards saw the largest consumer participation to date with over 1.25 million votes and opinions cast by UK households - the results being verified by Deloitte, the world’s largest global accountancy. More.....

British Travel Awards 2014 Gala Night

Video review of the awards ceremony 26 November

Posted: 18.12.14 Lorraine Barnes Burton



Massive thanks to Steve Dunlop and Ian Ticehurst for another great night behind the cameras. Check out our picture gallery and download your favourite images.


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