Nominee’s Direct Voting App

The nominee’s direct voting app allows customers to vote for you, in your elected categories, in one simple step.

Once an enterprise has successfully registered, they receive a unique url which will open their app together with a html patch they can embed on their website. These assets can be used to encourage customer’s votes by attaching the link to their vote buttons and inclusion in e-newsletters and social media content.

When a voter submits their votes an auto reply password is sent to their registered email address; enabling them to log-in to their record on the main voting form and update or vote in additional categories.


A voter can only register once. If they attempt to vote again - using the same email address - a pop-up will open advising they have already registered.


Why it pays to be first to use the app when voting opens


It is evident from our statistics that companies who implement this option achieve the greatest number of votes. Introduction of the app in 2015 has seen a huge increase in the number of consumer voters but a drop in the overall number of votes cast.


Using the app means a nominee’s customers do not see their competitors or the award categories in which they are not listed on the voting form. E.G. If a consumer votes for a villa holiday company via its direct voting app, then at a later date wants to vote for the airline that flew them to the destination and company who provided their car hire; they would be required to log-in to the main voting form using the password provided when they submitted their villa holiday company votes.


The same will apply if, after registering their votes, they wish to vote for another nominee following receipt of that company’s direct voting app.

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