British Travel Awards Previous Accreditations

Browse these pages to discover the winners of past BTA accreditations. For continuity, current category naming conventions are used which may differ from the original award titles. These categories share common entry criteria where applicable.

Holidays to Europe and Macaronesia

Best Travel Companies to:

  • Central/Northern Europe
  • Western Europe/Ireland
  • East/Southeast Europe
  • The Iberian Peninsula/Macaronesia
  • The Italian Peninsula/Western Med. Islands
  • Hellenic Europe

Holidays to the Middle East, Africa and Indian Ocean

Best Travel Companies to:

  • The Middle East/North Africa (2021/22 on)
  • The Middle East
  • North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Indian Ocean

Holidays to the Americas

Best Travel Companies to:

  • Canada/U.S.A. (2021/22 merged)
  • Canada
  • The U.S.A.
  • The Caribbean/Central America (2021/22 on)
  • The Caribbean and Bermuda
  • South America (2021/22 on)
  • Central and South America

Holidays to Asia, Australasia and Oceania

Best Travel Companies to:

  • The Far East/Central Asia
  • Southern Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Australasia/Oceania

Holidays by Specific Type e.g. Summer Sun, Winter Sun et al

Best Travel Companies for:

  • Summer Sun Holidays
  • Winter Sun Holidays
  • City/Short Breaks
  • Lakes & Mountains Holidays
  • Family Holidays
  • Luxury Holidays
  • All-Inclusive Holidays
  • Villa Holidays
  • Singles Holidays

Legacy categories:

  • Italy Villa Holidays
  • Camping & Mobile Holidays
  • LGBTQ+ Holidays
  • Assisted/Accessible Travel

Tailor-made and Touring Holidays

Best Travel Companies for:

  • Tailor-made Holidays
  • Escorted Tours Holidays
  • Touring Holidays
  • Rail Holidays
  • Coach Holidays

Special Occasions and Special Interest Holidays

Best Travel Companies for:

  • Special Occasions Holidays
  • Weddings & Honeymoons
  • Special Interest Holidays
  • Safari, Wildlife & Nature Holidays
  • Wildlife & Nature Holidays

Legacy categories:

  • Arts & Culture Holidays
  • Culinary & Wine Holidays

Adventure, Activity and Sports Holidays

Best Travel Companies for:

  • Adventure Holidays
  • Activity/Sports Holidays
  • Ski/Winter Sports Holidays

Legacy categories:

  • Walk/Trek/Cycling Holidays
  • Sailing/Flotilla Holidays

Cruise Lines and Ferry Operators

Best Cruise Lines for:

  • Ultra-Luxury Cruise Holidays
  • Luxury Cruise Holidays
  • Family Holidays
  • Ocean/Expedition Voyages
  • River Cruise Holidays
  • No-Fly Cruise Holidays
  • Ultra Small/Boutique Ships

Best Ferry Operators for:

  • Routes from/to UK Ports
  • Short Sea/Mini Cruises

Legacy categories:

  • Large Ships
  • Midsize Ships
  • Small Ships

International Hotel Groups

Best Hotel Brands for:

  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Upscale Accommodation
  • Midscale Accommodation
  • Tourist Accommodation
  • All-Inclusive Resorts

Legacy categories:

  • UK Luxury Hotel Brands
  • UK Upscale Hotel Brands
  • UK Midscale Hotel Brands
  • UK Economy Hotel Brands

Travel Agencies, Planning and Booking Apps


  • Online/Call Centre Travel Retailers
  • National Travel Retailers
  • Travel Retailers for Cruise Holidays
  • Travel Websites for Travel Deals
  • Travel Websites for Price Comparison
  • Travel Websites for Flight Booking
  • Travel Websites for Accommodation Booking

Legacy categories:

  • High Street Travel Agencies
  • Independent Travel Agencies
  • Chalet/Winter Sports Accommodation Providers


Best Airlines for:

  • Short-haul Flights
  • Long-haul Flights
  • Low Cost Flights
  • Economy Class Travel
  • Business Class Travel

Legacy categories:

  • Transatlantic Flights
  • Eastbound Long-haul Flights

Airports and Air Travel Services


  • UK Airports for Leisure Travel
  • Airport Retailers for Consumer Goods (2023 on)
  • Airport Retailers for Food and Beverages (2023 on)
  • Companies for Airport Parking

Holiday Add-on Services

Best Companies for:

  • Holiday Car Hire
  • Travel Insurance
  • Forex/Travel Money

:Legacy catregories:

  • Attraction Tickets

UK/Domestic Holidays

Best Companies for:

  • UK Family Holidays (2019 on)
  • UK Parks & Lodges Holidays (2019 on)
  • UK Family/Parks and Lodges Holidays
  • UK Short Breaks
  • UK Holiday Home Rentals
  • UK Coach/Touring Holidays

Legacy categories:

  • UK Coach Holiday/Excursion Providers
  • UK Leisure Attractions
  • UK Heritage Attractions
  • UK Holiday County or Region
  • UK Seaside Town
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