BTA2023 Awards Overview

After a turbulent start to the decade the travel industry is addressing the new normal. To reflect this we have re-introduced a number of categories that were either merged or dropped from the 2020 and 2021/22 awards programme.

Size Grade Awards


The British Travel Awards 2023 will feature 78 categories spanning a broad range of leisure travel experiences and services.


To recognise the achievements of SME’s - 41 award categories are graded by size where independent verification is possible.


To maintain continuity with legacy accreditations the size graded benchmarks are based on 2019 data.


Up to 480 accreditations will be recognised across the award categories.

The results of all award categories are determined solely by the number of consumer votes cast. And, SME’s can shine in the size graded categories - data from past awards reveal that the most successful companies are those who actively lobby their customers and convert a high percentage into voters… NOT necessarily those with the highest number of customers!


The British Travel Awards has no affiliation with any travel media or travel industry stakeholders. The awards programme is financed by the registration fees of participating companies. This independence makes winning a British Travel Award the most prized travel industry accolade.


Size Graded Award Category Accreditations


Details of a company's size grading are not displayed on the voting form. Voters can only vote for one company/brand in each category. Companies are divided into the size group submitted on their nomination form when the results are analysed.

Open Award Category Accreditations


Accreditations in these categories are based solely upon the number of consumer votes cast irrespective of a company's size.

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